Low Energy Downlighters

Did you know just how easy it is to retro fit your halogen downlighters for the newer LED type.Traditionally a lot of homes in Ireland have been using downlighters to light workspaces and kitchens.
There can be no doubt that the light output from a group of well positioned downlighters is precise and effictive.We often forget the standard type of downlighters we have become familer with are not only expensive to run, but they also burn very hot.On numerous occasions we have come across examples of ill fitted downlighters which have scorched roof joists, melted surrounding cables, melted transformers and associated joint boxes.Now dont worry ,correctly fitted downlighters are pleasing to the eye , provide excellent light output and are an instant source of light, and when fitted properly are safe to use.
Often problems only manifest themselves after the lights have been installed, by becoming covered in Insulation or possesions in attic spaces for example.

None of this however gets away from the fact that each downlighter we have comprises of a lamp, which gives off a huge amount of wasted heat and other electrical components, including a transformer, a lamp holder and a joint box.
There is a solution...

We have all seen the led gu10 type bulbs , retro fitted to replace the 50w 12v halogen standard downlighter bulb , however traditionally these have had a very poor light output
We have fantastic success with our faced range of 3.5w lamps, they will fit most downlighter bases already in your ceiling.They are only 3.5w compared to 50w (plus the transformer load).The lamp is a multi cluster Led bulb.They are claiming an incredible 50000 hours of life compared to the standard 50w type bulb which can have a life as low as 2000 hours.The best part however is , there is no wasted heat, the bulbs run cool and give up to 85% energy cost savings.They are in my opinion, the best replacement bulb for the standard downlighter bulb on the market.
We can now supercede the previous savings bassed on the top quality Philips lamp

The Philips Master Gu 10 compared to a standard 50w Halogen will give a saving per lamp of Euro 18.70 per year, per bulb.

This calculation is based on a lamp being on for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year with a unit price of .15 cent of Electricity.

Of course the Master GU10 is just one type we install, we are also able to provide a cluster led GU10, using 3 or 3.5watts claiming an incredible 50000 hour life, with an equivlant output in the mid 40s, these lamps are approx a third of the cost of the Master GU10 and a great LED upgrade.

With Energy and Utility prices constantly edging upwards, there can be no doubt that the cost savings achieved by fitting LED downlighters is not to be taken lightly.LED downlighters can be fitted to existing cabling, in most cases existing downlighter bases will accodomate the LED lamp.

It doesnt just stop at downlighters, we can also supply and fit low energy security fittings, Greenlamp supply a 20 watt security fitting with a 200 watt comparable output for external applications, we can supply LED spots,Garden lighting, and LED strip lighting

I am happy to call out to you to discuss this concept further.