Reduce your Electricity Bill

There are numerous ways to achieve energy efficiency in the home.Electrically you can opt for Led downlighters, energy efficient bulbs, or light fittings which are easy to run on the pocket.Using time switches for water heating is a good idea.
Efficient heating controls, both with multi zone time clocks, if practical for your system, thermostats and efficient use of zoned heating with minivalves.
External lights can have reduced wattage lamps fitted,hallways etc can have cfl or pl lamps utilised in fittings.Simple measures like timeclocks on socket outlets, not leaving stuff on standby or running your Immersion for timed periods, instead of leaving it on constantly for example.

Garden lighting can be timed, or made LED if new, and in some cases retro fitted (if your fittings suit).
Small things, like ensuring if you are on a Night Tariff you use your bigger loads in that period for example.

It is vital we reduce our energy consumption with regard to lighting, at the moment a lot of our lighting produces too much wasted heat, and reducing this is benifical to us when our utility bill arrives.

I am happy to discuss any of the above to help achieve energy efficiency in the home.