Heating Efficiency

Achieving Heating Efficiency Through Control.
Most of us are familiar with Heating Systems at home.Some are simply turned on via a switch or timer.Others have motorised valves, multi zones and possibly thermostats.Some of us have underfloor systems or indeed a combination of underfloor and radiators.It is often possible to provide very precise control of heating systems, this is obviously easiest when construction is in progress, it can be done afterwards, again if the system lends itself to multiple zones and control of such.Thermostats and minivalves ,need to be incorporated in the system correctly, it can be possible to control the hot water zone via a cylinder stat and an associated valve , in some cases.Sustainable Energy Ireland have in the past provided grants for boilers fitted with proper zoned electricial control , utilising a multizone time clock with thermostats to control mini valves, which in turn act as gates on the zones and bring on the Boiler.
We can wire for such systems providing the electrical side of the control circuit for the heating system.We are fully au fait with system link control,underfloor heating manifold control, and can come up with suitable control circuits for heating systems.
We can also supply and fit Attic space frost heaters, they only come on in really low temperatures, a must for cold recessed Attic spaces.